Bitcoin-led online casino operator Coingaming Group has announced that players at two of its brands can now make wagers in smaller amounts after it switched their crypto-currency betting denominations from millibitcoins to microbitcoins.

Coingaming Group declared that the ‘industry-first move’ for its and domains is part of its ‘fun, fast and fair’ principle and will allow customers to enjoy even more of its sportsbetting opportunities and catalogue of online casino games.

Tim Heath, Chief Executive Officer for Coingaming Group, used a Thursday press release to state that he expects the move will encourage ‘even more users to sign up’ at and as they will be able to ‘play and bet more for the same money’. He proclaimed that the transition is moreover due to provide existing aficionados with ‘greater flexibility and potential play time’.

“With Bitcoin now well and truly in the mainstream and its price continuing to surge, we wanted to ensure all games and sports events were accessible to all types of customer,” read the May 10 statement from Heath. “Reducing our gaming unit to microbitcoins is the ideal way of doing so and keeps the user at the center of our universe.”

Coingaming Group, which has around 190 employees at offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Ukraine, Brazil and Estonia, explained that it re-launched the and domains last year before proclaiming that both offer ‘exclusive bonuses and rewards under very generous conditions’ in order to help raise the profile of ‘the pioneering betting proposition’.