After SkyCity Entertainment announced approval for a $330m casino expansion last year, construction work has now begun. The SkyCity Adelaide Casino will see the large budget covering the redevelopment of the property to include new restaurants, bars and cafes as well as a hotel. Builder, Hansen Yuncken, is in charge of the project, with as many as 1,000 jobs to be created from the construction process. Work should finish up in 2020.

According to, the first of two cranes will be commissioned later on this week before over 80,000 lifts of materials arrive on-site. Luke Walker, the general manager of the casino, stated that the expansion will involve remodeling the existing casino building. In the past, Walker has stated that the project would help create a ‘significant drawcard’ for the state, as the renovated property would provide luxury accommodations to visitors of the region as well as beverage and entertainment options.

The casino is located in the Railway Station, a historic building of the city. With the remodeling of the casino, the special character of the property will be enhanced, and it will also complement the new building being created.

Yuncken will focus on using local workers for the project during construction, with state manager of the company, Mark Rosenboom, stating that at peak times, the project will expect as many as 300 skilled workers or more will be needed each day to help complete the project.

Once the project is complete, the venue should have close to 800 permanent employment positions, spread throughout the new eateries, hotel and other areas of the property.