A Cromwell Mint Casino croupier has been arrested for theft after he was caught stealing thousands of pounds’ worth of gaming chips after several months. The croupier used a secret tube in his pocket in order to drop chips into his socks and then passed them to a female accomplice. It’s believed that another friend of the scammer visited the casino with the intention to cash in the stolen chips.

There’s still no information about the exact amount the man managed to steal from the West London casino; however, sources revealed that the police have found around £12,000 in cash during the search of the croupier’s home.

Cromwell Min Casino is property owned by Genting, a Malaysian corporation that stands behind another popular London gaming club called Crockfords.

Casino bosses not long ago started suspecting that their employee was stealing chips while at work and therefore they decided to monitor his behaviour. Last month, when they were almost sure of the croupier’s scheme, they arranged for the dealer to be searched before he had the chance to meet his “beautiful Eastern European” accomplice. Casino sources said that while he was standing in the street casino chips were falling out of him.

It’s been revealed that the police only cautioned the croupier, but no charges were made. Obviously, he was fired on the spot. According to some leaked information, the now ex-employee was earning around £30,000 a year, plus tips.

This case attracted a lot of attention because it’s very rare for casino employees to try and steal chips from their workplace since there are a huge number of cameras monitoring them. The last such case in the United Kingdom was six years ago when a Grosvenor Victoria Casino employee was also caught stuffing chips into his socks.