Crown Resorts Limited (CWN:ASE) announced recently that together with a Melbourne-based joint venture partner it intends to launch a new suite of skill-based electronic games it accelerates the growth of its digital business.

According to The Australian, the company founded by billionaire Aussie businessman James Packer said on Friday that “new entertainment product options” were being developed by its joint venture, Chill Gaming, an equal partnership between Crown and New Gaming Pty Ltd, that they would be introduced at future gaming technology expos.

Owned by manufacturer and developer of electronic gaming machines, Wymac Gaming Solutions, New Gaming Pty Ltd is in the process of developing smart, arcade-style gambling machines that are able to determine payouts based on chance as well as ability. Some of the world’s biggest casinos are reportedly installing the new games on their casino floors.

Ken Barton, Crown CFO, said, “Skill-based gaming is an interesting concept that is getting traction in a number of markets. It is a reaction to the emergence of games that are different to traditional games.’’ And, “We have got prototypes developed, and at gaming shows that are coming up over the next few months, we should have some demonstrations that we will be able to show,’’ according to The Australian.

In an otherwise uninspiring annual profit result, the standout performer was Crown’s digital business. Barton said “That (digital) market is growing strongly,” according to the Australian news agency.