Even though the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, it is still an issue around the world today, for many reasons. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the virus is not only still spreading, but it is also affecting the employment status of individuals within the local Culinary Union. Around 21,000 people are still without employment and have been since the virus first started.

On Friday, thousands of people connected to the Culinary Union marched along the Las Vegas Strip to showcase employees need to be rehired. Those who were furloughed during the start of the pandemic have been trying to get back to work ever since.

Hire Employees Back

During the march, members of the Union wanted to show just how employees are being affected. Many of those who have been furloughed since last year have used up all the available unemployment benefits and have nowhere else to turn.

For some that were unemployed last year, new jobs were found, or moves were made to seek new employment. However, for the majority, employees chose to stick around and wait to be rehired again by the same company. Yet, that did not happen.

In a statement before the event, the union said that employees in Las Vegas have built a hospitality industry over 87 years within the Culinary Union and should be front and center as the economy starts to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Spokeswoman, Bethany Khan, pointed out that the march was not a protest, but an event to show how employees are affected.

The march took place from Flamingo Road on Las Vegas Boulevard, with individuals chanting “Full-service cleaning” and Full-service restaurants.” The goal of the march was to show that employees in the hospitality industry of Nevada are ready to prepare and serve great food in restaurants, make great drinks, and ensure guest rooms are clean and sanitized.

Tourism Returns

Casinos across Nevada are seeing an uptick in tourism numbers, as people are traveling once again. With more vaccinations against COVID-19 taking place in the United States, travelers feel more at ease coming to Las Vegas to enjoy casino gaming, dining, and other forms of entertainment.

Major sporting events took place over the weekend, which brought many more travelers to the area. NASCAR hosted an event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, while the Las Vegas Raiders hosted the Miami Dolphins at home in Allegiant Stadium.

Casino resorts have also started to open shows back up, which leads to more visitors. Clubs are back in operation as well.