After opening in August, the Horseshoe Casino of Baltimore Maryland was prepared for 24/7 gaming each and every day. However, after the recent curfew set in the city, the casino was forced to close, like many other businesses in the area. From Tuesday to Saturday of last week, the casino was shut down by 9pm, which meant no gaming for visitors as well as no work for late night employees.

The curfew set in the city was from 10 pm to 5 am and was a result of the rioting in Baltimore stemming from the death of Freddie Gray – who died while in police custody. To keep residents safe from harm, the curfew was enacted and the casino was one of many businesses that suffered losses due to the curfew. The Vice President of Marketing at the Horseshoe, Noah Hirsch, did not state how much business was lost during the curfew.

Despite closing early during the curfew and the night before the rioting began, Hirsch says the casino tried to minimize the impact on employees that the curfew would create. Employees were still paid for a full shift despite being off work or cutting their time period short.

The casino also did not change their marketing strategy during the curfew time frame and offered $10 blackjack games as well as $1 drafts. The casino plans another special for this Friday as well.

The curfew was lifted Sunday and National Guard troops are planning a measured withdrawal from the troubled city.