The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic is preparing to launch a new receipt lottery this October, local daily news portal Hospodářské Noviny reports. The lottery, which was originally planned to be released by the middle of September, will be part of the new Electronic Cash register system that was released in December of 2016 to increase revenues and help fight tax evasion.

Per the new lottery program, players will be able to use receipts as lottery tickets in the draw. Registration could be done free of charge through a website or a mobile app but the number of receipts from each retailer will be limited to one per day, in order to prevent any manipulation.

The state expects to distribute around 21,000 prizes, with the main prize being a check in the amount of 1 million Czech Korunas (approx. $45,500). The second prize offered will be a car reportedly worth 400,000 Korunas while the other lottery winners will be able to receive prizes worth between 300,000 and 20,000 Korunas.

The goal of the new receipt lottery is reportedly to motivate people to insist they get proper receipts for purchases they make and its efficiency will be subsequently assessed one year after it is launched. According to Ivan Pilný, Minister of Finance, the operational expenses of the lottery should be exceeded by the benefits.

Other European countries like Croatia and Slovakia have also received similar lottery systems for like reasons. The Electronic Cash system used by the new lottery was launched to provide the Czech Republic with instant data about cash transactions at retailers and venues. The system, which was carefully planned, connects registers with the tax authority and it is already in use by restaurants, pubs, and Czech hotels and accommodation providers. Other businesses are expected to start using the system in 2018.