Even though officials of Nevada have yet to approve the cash to create a new stadium and the owners of NFL teams have yet to decide if the Oakland Raiders will be allowed to move to Las Vegas, developments in the matter continue to take place. Momentum continues to build for the project with renderings of a potential stadium released last Thursday.

Photo renderings of what the stadium promoted by Las Vegas Sands would look like just days after the Oakland Raiders filed trademark applications within the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The applications were to request the team to be renamed the Las Vegas Raiders.

The renderings released are for the area located near the south end of The Strip, on land where the Bali Hai golf course is located. This land is owned by Billy Walters, a sports gambler of Las Vegas. Walters would sell the land, and the 100-acre site seems to be the spot where the NFL stadium would fit perfectly, but other sites are still being considered.

The cost to build the new stadium would range from $1.3 to $1.6 billion. Tax payers would be paying the majority of the price. The stadium has been estimated to have the ability to bring in around $830 million to the economy of Sin City.