Ukrainian parliament member and co-author of the Draft Law, that would legalize gambling in Europe‘s second largest country, Gennadiy Krivosheya, will speak in Kiev at the Radisson Blu Hotel where the very first Ukrainian Gaming Congress will be held on September 29.

Major aspects of the legalization of gambling in the Ukraine will be discussed by Gennadiy including industry trends, lotteries, and organizational aspects of casino management and bookmaking as well as interactive casino conduct and online casino conduct. All of which are considered to be issues should the legislation pass. Gennadiy will offer his assessment of the draft and elaborate on the status of the legislation.

Attendees of the conference will be able to ask questions regarding what the law entails, possible casino investment, and tax responsibilities for a casino operation.

Since Viktor Yushchenko, then president of the Ukraine, signed the Gambling Ban Law on June 23, 2009 the country’s economy has dwindled due to the loss of gambling-related revenue among other issues. Proponents hope legalization will add thousands of new jobs, increase infrastructure development and thereby profits benefiting local communities as well as government, and attract foreign investment and stimulate the contribution of products and services associated with the gaming industry.

Opponents of the gambling legislation argue the problem of gambling addiction is a major deterrent of passage, while those in favor of legalization counter with their assessment that individuals’ with gambling addiction have not stopped the activity, just relocated to underground establishments.

According to Wikipedia, the Draft Law, which was made public in November of 2010, provides “for the establishment of the state-owned National Gambling Operator that would control the organization and regulation of gambling activities and also issue licenses for all private gambling operators.”