American social games developer Zynga Incorporated has announced that it is celebrating the first birthday of its mobile-friendly Game of Thrones Slots Casino title by incorporating the new Dragons of Westeros feature.

The San Francisco-headquartered firm used an official Wednesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to declare that the fresh innovation for the five-reel video slot has been inspired by the popular Game of Thrones television series from broadcaster HBO and puts ‘the most powerful beast from the realm into players’ hands’.

Ovum opportunity:

Zynga Incorporated detailed that the Dragons of Westeros advance will bestow a virtual egg to anyone mastering Level 20 that they can subsequently nurture and hatch a winged creature of their very own. The developer explained that slot players can also earn ‘Dragon Actions’ by participating in quests and events in order to light a fire under the egg and make their tarragon emerge quicker.

Cultivating capability:

Once born, the innovator pronounced that competitors can name and feed their newborn dragon in order to grow it into a fierce fire-breathing beast that will supply in-game perks such as re-spins and hourly bonus multipliers. It stated that Game of Thrones Slots Casino aficionados may additionally speed their creature’s maturity by amassing further ‘Dragon Actions’ or by completing quests and card collections.

Increasing yield:

Bernard Kim, Publishing President for Zynga Incorporated, used the press release to proclaim that these growing dragons ‘will visibly change from hatchling to juvenile, and in time, to mythic beast’ and present their owners with an ever-rising range of benefits and rewards.

Read a statement from Kim…

“The visual, dramatic and devastating impact of dragons to the world of Westeros was one of the most exciting, talked about and beloved aspects of the series. With the introduction of dragons, players will now be able to experience the strength, loyalty and fire of these legendary beasts and we’re proud to continue to bring iconic touchpoints of the series to our players.”

Engrossing entertainment:

Zynga Incorporated asserted that its Game of Thrones Slots Casino has been designed to fully immerse players ‘in the epic drama, arresting dialogue, iconic characters, and driving musical themes of the series’ from HBO. The developer decreed that the video slot features characters from the program such as Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister and ‘is infused with the fire and ice atmosphere of Westeros and its most illustrious inhabitants’.