The American Gaming Association trade body has published new research showing that the gaming industry supports nearly 1.8 million jobs across the United States while contributing some $261 billion annually to the nation’s economy.

Follows earlier investigation into tribal gaming:

The Gaming’s Impact on the US Economy (pdf) report was released on Tuesday almost a year after the group issued the findings of a similar investigation it had conducted into the tribal gaming sector. This earlier examination found that the United States’ aboriginal casino industry benefited the economy to the tune of almost $97 billion a year and was responsible for approximately 635,000 jobs.

Numbers have risen since 2014:

Prepared in partnership with global forecasting and quantitative analysis firm Oxford Economics, the latest study shows that the gaming industry’s contribution to the economy of the United States has risen by 9.5% since the publication of similar research in 2014. The new analysis moreover details that the sector employees around 100,000 more people than it did four years ago and now annually generates $40.8 billion in federal, state and local tax revenues.

Industry has ‘expanded into new markets’:

Sara Slane (pictured), Public Affairs Senior Vice-President for the American Gaming Association, declared that casino gaming has ‘expanded into new markets’ since the publication of her group’s 2014 inquiry while enhancing ‘its position as a key contributor to local, state and federal economies.’

Slane’s statement read…

“Gaming companies across the country are enabling long-lasting careers for their employees and making a huge impact on their communities through innovative partnerships with local non-profits, volunteerism and the generation of revenue that supports critical services. The industry’s tax revenue alone provides enough funding to hire 692,000 new teachers.”