Union Gaming Securities Asia has conducted research on the popularity of electronic table games over the past several years and have found that the number of ETG seats should increase by more than 25% over a three year time frame.

A new report shows that that currently ETG seating in Asia sits are around 12,000. This number is expected to reach over 15,000 within the next three years. The report stated that there is also potential for the electronic table game seating to add an additional 2,500 seats after 2018.

According to CalvinAyre, the demand for the new seats will partially due to the new resorts coming to the Macau by 2017. Four new integrated resorts will open by next year and should have around 1,800 of the estimated 3,000+ ETG seats. The remainder of the estimated electronic gaming seats should go to South Korea and Manila with Russia, Saipan and Cambodia also in the mix.

Union Gaming has reported that Paradise Entertainment Ltd and their subsidiary should handle around 37% of the ETG seats added and could earn as much as $23m for the new seating installations.