The coronavirus outbreak in the US and abroad has led to the closure of casinos and poker rooms. Such venues are considered a hotbed for the virus as players are situated close together and could easily transmit the virus amongst each other. In the poker world, players are handling the same chips and cards as others, which can easily lead to contamination.

One of the ideas that casinos have had to cut down on the contamination of the coronavirus is to clean chips on a regular basis. This can be done by hand or special washers. Now, it seems a new company established in 2018 is seeing big business now that venues are looking to further sanitize gaming tools like casino chips.

Cleaning Casino Chips: 

Elite Chip Care was created by Clay Dubois to provide on-site cleaning and sanitizing service for casino chips. This service is offered to card rooms, casinos, even cruise ships. The company has the ability to clean, dry and organize up to 150,000 chips a day due to ultrasonic cleaners that are used with chip baskets.

The process can be used to clean plastic, ceramic or clay chips. Casinos can easily use the process to help sanitize their chips, which are used in several table games, alongside the poker tables.

According to the source

Elite Chip has been contacted by operators across the US in order to see their chips cleaned. The company is working with such resorts as the Encore Boston Harbor and the Venetian in Las Vegas. They have worked with casinos in the past from states like Colorado, California, Nevada and more.

While this cleaning process is a great option in general for casinos, it is vital at a time when the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States. Just this week, the governor of Nevada decided to shut down non-essential businesses for 30-days.  Casinos are included in the shutdown.

Operators like MGM Resorts decided to close before the announcement, while others were still in operation until the order was sent out by the governor to close. Casinos across the nation have closed their doors and people are being told stay home in order to avoid spreading the virus to others.