The world’s largest democracy has embarked on a course to relax draconian gambling legislation by signaling a willingness to consider and clarify betting laws for India’s population of over a billion people. The most fundamental driver of market growth is the relaxation of government regulation and when it may occur in the world’s second most populated country it’s time to take notice.

One forward-thinking event organizer has taken notice. Eventus International has announced the launch of the Sports Betting & Gaming India conference, to be held at Goa Marriot Resort & Spa, India on February 27 & 28, 2018.

India has one of the world’s largest population of youth and the smartphone market there has exploded, especially due to wire infrastructure not keeping up with the people’s appetite for modern communications or their rising disposable incomes. New gaming genres are constantly being introduced and a greater number of the population is being entertained by sport and gaming events every year. These factors alone set the stage for India to emerge as a leading market in the gambling and gaming sector. The Economic Times reports that India will have a walloping 310 million online gamers by 2021.

Currently, aside from certain categories such as lottery and horse racing, gambling in India is heavily restricted and the laws are not clearly defined or regulated. Enforcement of ambiguous laws across various jurisdictions is not even-handed and the underground sports betting industry is thriving, especially in regard to massive betting on cricket matches across the country and football in certain states.

The Sports Betting & Gaming India Conference (SBGI) will dive headlong into an exploration of into the potential impact and opportunities that accompany clear and well-defined legalized gambling. Well considered forward-thinking presentations will examine case examples of optimized gambling and gaming, licensing opportunities, responsible gambling and comprehensive protections for the population, actionable steps to realize business, operating, and investment objectives, and the socio-economic and financial benefits of legalized gambling.

Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director at Eventus International, says, “It is not often that an early entry opportunity comes along for the highly competitive and increasingly saturated gambling and gaming market. India presents one of those rare opportunities, and we are confident SBGI will be received as a constructive initiative presenting an opportunity to both the Indian government and regulator and the gambling and gaming industry.”

The highly professional and independent Eventus International is in a unique position to host India’s first-ever betting and gaming event with a strong track record of specialized gaming conferences and exhibitions across Asia and Africa. These events are attended by hundreds of senior delegates from the private and public sector.

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