Software provider Endorphina follows some of its recent successful slot releases such as Voodoo and Chunjie with a new game based on emojis – the emoticons millennials and others use to express a feeling, or complex set of feelings, in a single symbol or group of symbols in the digital communications space.

Older folks may recognize the simple yellow smiley face as the basis for all that came later as the ideograms became more popular beginning with the Japanese mobile phone revolution in texting and shorthand communications. Gone are the days of the clumsy miniature keypads on flip phones of the 1990’s as tablets and smartphones that are advanced enough to allow full casino suite gambling have taken their place.

Emojis are now a very important part of the living international language that changes on an almost daily basis – but most emojis are so simple they are immediately recognized and understood by people of all ages.

Endorphina has recognized the importance of these visual communications and created an engaging new slot with brilliant colors, fun graphics, and gaming mathematics able of delivering big wins with the middle three reels capable of turning completely wild for wins on any of the ten pay lines. Re-spins are possible along with a win multiplier that changes dynamically.

If playing slots sometimes seems like a roller coaster of emotions, Slotomoji provides symbols to focus on. U.S. players don’t currently have access to the game but can read an in-depth review here. International players can find casinos offering the Slotomoji at Latest Casino Bonuses.