The Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) begins today and runs through tomorrow, offering various online gaming discussions featuring different perspectives from individuals associated with the industry. The EEGS brings together the entire gaming industry and also covers leisure and tourism. During the event, the Head of Legal for Endorphina will be speaking on Advertising Restrictions. Along with other lawyers, Jakub Kolomicenko will help gaming providers see why following regulations and understanding the industry from a legal perspective is essential.

Advertising Restrictions Discussion:

During the discussion, Jakub Kolomicenko of Endrophina will be joined by other attorneys Mikkel Taanum and Stefano Sbordoni. They will be discussing current gaming regulations and why they must be followed. Understanding the legal side of gaming helps operators to stay on the up and up, ensuring player protections and avoiding any issues with regulators.

According to a recent press release

Kolomicenko commented on the topic of his EEGS planned discussion, stating that he is excited to be participating in the IMGL Masterclass that will discuss Restrictions of Advertising. He will be contributing to the topic based on the perspective of a game software provider.

Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo Up Next:

After the Eastern European Gaming Summit event, gaming industry professionals can attend the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo. The event takes place right after the EEGS, at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria starting on November 24th.

The annual expo will feature leading gaming brands and provide an opportunity for showcasing products as well as services. Attendees are invited to network during the event with industry experts, including hardware and software innovators, solutions experts, and more.