Top-rated online sports betting and gaming entertainment operator Entain has just finished up its first stage of a plan to provide additional customer protection. Titled Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) the product will help the company review behavior indicators of players to determine if there is a risk. The tool also develops models using more data points than ever before.

Details of ARC

Entain feels that ARC will offer customers ‘unprecedented safeguards.’ The tool applies to online gaming and sports betting brands. The goal is to minimize problems before they start. ARC will change the conventional way of thinking towards responsible gaming and begin a new era for personalized and proactive player protection.

The tool takes a technology-based approach, applied across several forms of online gaming and sports betting products. Entain Chief Executive Jette Nygaard-Anderson commented on the new tool by stating:

“ARC is fundamental to our future strategy for sustainability and growth. We are putting customers first, both by prioritizing their safety through our use of technology to limit individual exposure to risk, whilst also enhancing their experience across all our brands.  We will do this not only in our traditional markets of sports betting and gaming but also as we grow into new areas, like videogaming and esports as a global entertainment company.”

Continued Protection

Entain has monitored its customers since 2018, using markers of protection to find enough data to detect the risk. Such markers include play frequency, spend pattern changes, and length of time played. New markers have been introduced to provide even more data including changes in stake levels, signs that players are chasing losses, and erratic play during a session.

The company’s data scientists are currently building models to test the new behavioral indicators based on real situations. They want to use the data to identify customers who are showing signs of potential issues or risk.

Over time, Entain is hoping to use the data to provide a personalized playing experience and provide protection based on the player’s individual risk profile. Entain Group Operations Director Peter Marcus commented that the company is using the technology and leveraging their data and behavioral science to provide a shift in customer care.

According to Marcus, the real innovation of the effort is to apply ‘hyper-personalization’ to consumer protection. To do this, the company is using the individual behaviors of its customers to manage the exposure to risk. This is being done in real-time.

As ARC develops over the next few months, it will use data provided by the new models. More input will be sought from Harvard Medical School Facility, Division on Addiction, which is collaborating with the company on a research project. Additional help will be provided by other experts in the field of addiction, psychology, and gambling.

ARC will go live this summer in the UK and offer real-time player protection in the country across several products and brands. The product will go live in other countries later this year.