A total of 1,075 players registered to compete in the WPT Borgata Poker Open, with Erkut Yilmaz ending up the event champion. Yilmaz would hold the chip lead going into the final day and after defeating TK Miles in the final round, would eventually earn the first-place finish.

Tough Competition:

Several big name players were in on the action, including Ali Imsirovic. Ali has played extremely well in poker events over the past few weeks, having just finished a massive heater, earning the Poker Masters Purple Jacket and two high roller event wins. The pro managed to make it to the final day, but would be the short stack, and unable to reach the final table.

Yilmaz would hold the lead going in to the final day, with Liam He and Oleg Shnaider tied with him for the top spot in chips. Because Imsirovic held the short stack, he would be the first to go, eliminated by John Lakatosh. While players began to be eliminated, Yilmaz would begin to increase his chip stack, slowing taking a dominating lead.

Final Table:

The final table would include only six players, with Yilmaz in the lead. A few players would soon be eliminated, and Miles would give Yilmaz a run for his money, taking the lead after a few four-handed pots. However, Yilmaz would get back in the lead after taking a big pot from Oleg Shnaider, sending Shnaider home and securing heads-up play against Miles.

According to PokerNews…

Yilmaz would have a nice chip lead going into heads-up, holding 25 million to the 17 million of Miles’. After around 40 hands or so, Miles would take a slight chip lead but it would not last long. Yilmaz would eventually earn the lead and the final hand would go do.

A flop of 5-4-3 saw Yilmaz check-raise all-in with Miles calling holding K-5. Yilmaz showed 6-3 of diamonds. The turn provided a six and the river was no help to Miles, sending the pro home in second as Yilmaz earned the title win.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Erkut Yilmaz $575,112 (includes $15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions seat)
Second TK Miles $383,399
Third Oleg Shnaider $283,341
Fourth Austin Wentling $211,562
Fifth Liam He $159,616
Sixth Anthony Maio $121,697