On Thursday, December 16th, 2021 Esports Technologies, Inc. (listed on the Nasdaq as EBET), is a top elite worldwide supplier of state – of – the – art complex e – sports betting products, services, and technologies, has recently announced that they have signed a non – legally – binding letter of commitment with Turnt Gaming to function as their exclusive e – sports data provider for the game, Taunt Battleworld.

Taunt Battleworld is a talent – centered and created fighting game simulator developed on Polygon’s blockchain solution. This new fighting simulator will include NFT’s of legendary and historic boxing icons such as Floyd Mayweather and Deontay Wilder. The highly – awaited game is planning to be released in early portion of the year of 2022.

Esports Technologies anticipates and prepares to supply the odds, game balancing, outcome math, and logic models in order to power the realistic gaming features of Taunt Battleworld. This exclusive analytical modeling will offer Turnt Gaming with outstanding live in – game data as well as events in order for them to produce new gaming products and second – screen capabilities for gamers all across the globe.

Floyd Mayweather and Deontay Wilder stand to exemplify just the first of multiple real – world fighters from boxing as well as mixed martial arts (MMA) chosen to be featured in Taunt Battleworld. The capacity to own those real fighters as NFT’s and utilize their characteristics and unique attributes is paramount in them competing versus the created distinctive characters and races planned for Taunt Battleworld. This will increase the unparalleled amount of excitement for NFT gaming.

Media Statements

 “We look forward to becoming the exclusive in – game data and wagering partner for Turnt Gaming, starting with Taunt Battleworld. We are focused on creating new and engaging ways for players to interact with live content. We can’t wait to start leveraging the power of our quantitative analytics, modeling, and AI platforms and products to unleash a whole new experience for gamers on the blockchain and off,” says the COO of Esports Technologies, Bart Barden.

 “I’m honored to be one of the first combat sports athletes to appear in Taunt Battleworld and can’t wait to see the game come to life. Taunt Battleworld and Stardam Images are reimagining the future of gaming. I’m proud to be officially part of it,” the undefeated former boxing world champion, Floyd Mayweather, emotionally explained.

 “We are fortunate to have an alliance with two of the most respected technology providers in the world, Esports Technologies and Polygon. Also having secured two of the greatest entertainers in boxing, Floyd Mayweather and Deontay Wilder, shows our commitment to delivering unique experiences to NFT gaming. The launch of Taunt Battleworld represents the first milestone in our long – term strategy of aggressively combining high – value IP with NFT gaming to deliver the best games and products on any blockchain,” the founder of Turnt Gaming Jeff Liboon stated.