In the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission regulator has announced that it has suspended the operating license for Maltese online casino firm EveryMatrix Software Limited following the conclusion of an investigation.

The regulator used an official Thursday press release to declare that it had instigated the examination due to concerns over ‘compliance activity’ and that the inquiry had involved a thorough assessment of the iGaming operator’s ‘customer interaction framework’.

Substantial portfolio:

The Gambling Commission proclaimed that EveryMatrix Software Limited, which is headquartered in the Valletta suburb of St Julian’s, is responsible for the online casinos at,,,,,,,, and and that these domains are now not licensed ‘to offer remote facilities for real event betting other than pool betting or betting on virtual events and to operate a remote casino’.

Read a statement from the Gambling Commission…

“We have not suspended the licensee’s activities of manufacturing, supplying, installing or adapting gambling software. The suspension of EveryMatrix Software Limited takes effect immediately. We have instructed the operator that it may settle ante-post bets that have been placed prior to the suspension coming into force and facilitate customers’ accessing their accounts to withdraw funds.”

Account admittance:

For its part, EveryMatrix Software Limited used its own short statement to declare that the aforementioned sites ‘cannot accept any further gambling activity from players’ located in the United Kingdom although these punters will still be able to get into their accounts.

EveryMatrix Software Limited’s statement read…

“During this period, EveryMatrix Software Limited will continue to deliver a fair and safe experience to its players. All players will be able to access their accounts and withdraw any funds held in it at any time. Ante-post bets will be honored, so if you have placed bets on future events these will be paid out as usual if they become winning bets.”