Live-dealer online casino games provider Evolution Gaming Group AB has announced that its portfolio has just been expanded following the launch of its new Live Infinite Blackjack innovation.

Seats always available:

The Stockholm-listed firm used an official Friday press release to detail that its latest advance is available to all licensees for use across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices and ‘adds a unique twist’ to the traditional game of blackjack by offering an ‘unlimited number of seats’.

Evolution Gaming Group AB stated that all real-time Live Infinite Blackjack streams are produced from its primary studio in Riga, Latvia, and feature professional dealers dispensing a mixture of virtual and physical cards. However, unlike more traditional games where only seven seats are ever available, the developer declared that it newest breakthrough ‘guarantees players a blackjack seat at all times’.

Developer has ‘cracked the code’:

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer for Evolution Gaming Group AB, explained that his firm had ‘cracked the code’ with Live Infinite Blackjack when it comes to making a one-to-many game enjoyable ‘without having to make any rule changes’.

Haushalter’s statement read…

“We did this using advanced game software that combines the live dealing of physical cards and virtual cards directly to each individual player. This enables the dealing of individual hands for each player at the table, irrespective of how many players there are at any given time.”

Adding to player enjoyment:

Evolution Gaming Group AB proclaimed that its new Live Infinite Blackjack innovation can deal an initial two-card blackjack hand to ‘a limitless number of players’ before these competitors are prompted to make their own betting decisions all the while interacting with its stable of professional dealers.

Haushalter’s statement read…

“I am really proud of the team at Evolution [Gaming Group AB] who worked on this. It truly shows how we are using all sorts of complex innovations, mostly hidden from the player, to make the live blackjack playing experience as good as it can be for the maximum number of online players. With this game now completed, Evolution [Gaming Group AB] has a platform for developing further great blackjack innovations, all which I believe will add to players’ enjoyment of the game.”