Top provider of Live Casino gaming solutions, Evolution Gaming, has announced they are set to launch a second Dual Play Roulette table at the Hippodrome Casino of London. The table will be live at the venue beginning in Q3 of this year.

The launch of the second multi-camera table comes after the successful launch of online Live Casino service options and the Dual Play Roulette table at the Lola’s underground casino of The Hippodrome that took place last year. The newest table will be added to the casino’s main game floor and offer 24/7 gaming options.

Players at the casino will be able to see the roulette table clearly, from the game floor and the upper levels of the venue. The placement of the table will help the casino to showcase the quality features of Dual Play Roulette. On-site players can be joined by remote players, both taking part in the same roulette games at the very same table via the technology of the table. On-site players can also continue game play at the new roulette table from their smartphone when visiting the restaurants of the London venue.

Just like the Dual Play table at Lola’s, the second Dual Play game will be available to other licensees of Evolution Gaming. Once the second Dual Play table launches, all operators of Evolution Gaming that already use the ‘Live from Lola’s’ feed will be able to use the live feed from the Hippodrome casino floor and opt-in to online game play.

In a press release, The Hippodrome Casino’s Director of Interactive, George Constantinou, commented on the new game table by stating: “Our first Evolution Dual Play table has been a great success, with high numbers of on-premise players drawn to the table and many more playing at the same table online. We were keen, therefore, to recreate the same kind of attraction and extended service offering on The Hippdrome’s main gaming floor.”