Following the release of the hit HelioPOPolis, on May 25, AvatarUX, an online slots developer based in Hong Kong, released Kitty POPpins, a new cat-themed adventure that is part of its POP series featuring a bunch of royal cats surrounded by luxury.

However, the game is right now only available to AvatarUX’s partners with direct integration and will be released to players worldwide at a later date.

Royal visual:

True to its name, the main theme of the slot is the aforementioned fashionable cats, which means that their main hobby is fashion. The background of the reels includes a big hall with gold-decorated objects and statues of cats. Additionally, the game can be played on any device.

The slot includes two game mechanics. The first one is a unique mechanic, exclusive only to the AvatarUX brand, called PopWins™, which makes every winning symbol “pop” and be replaced by two symbols, increasing the height of the reels. But that’s not all; because it can make multiple wins, as long as the “pops” keep creating more wins. The second is an improved version of the Multipop™ mechanic, which creates random multipliers at the start of each spin. Additionally, when the symbols create a winning combination, each symbol pops out and is replaced by a new one, with an extra +1x multiplier.

To win, players must form a combination of 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels beginning from the reel furthest to the left or from the reel furthest to the right on a dynamic 5×5 grid that pays both ways.

The basic low-value symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, the medium-value symbols are cat objects in turquoise, blue, green, purple and red, and the high-value bonus symbols are cats in blue, purple, green, and red. A combination of five low-value bonus symbols is worth 0,5x, increasing to 1x for the combination of five medium-value symbols and 2x a player’s bet for a combination of five high-value bonus symbols.

The game has high volatility, an RTP of 96% and is equipped with 16807 winning ways.

Slot features:

MultiPOP – when a player begins a new spin, random positions get random starting multipliers. After that, when the player makes a win, the symbols that were part of the winning combination disappear from the reels and new ones land in their place. These symbols have an added multiplier of 1x, and if the player makes another win with such a symbol, its multiplier grows by 1x. Additionally, this increased multiplier remains for the duration of the current spin and is added to the specific positions in which they are placed.

King Cat – this feature may be randomly triggered throughout the spins, triggering any of the additional features such as CATlicious Respin, CATerrific Re-Shuffle and CATcellent Removal.

  • CATlicious Respin – additional multipliers will be put on the reels and all multiplier positions will be locked, with other positions will be re-spinned. Moreover, if a player hits extra multipliers on positions that already contain multipliers, they will add up.
  • CATerrific Re-Shuffle – the player will get additional frames with potential multipliers put on the reels. Each position containing the frames will then be re-shuffled to give the player an opportunity for new wins.
  • CATcellent Removal – the player will already have up to 2 lower paying symbols chosen and each of them will be removed from the reels from the current spin. In addition, these missing symbols will then be replaced with a common higher-paying symbol type.

Free Spins – the feature is triggered if the player makes a combination of 3 or more Scatters, aka a golden fishbone. However, the number of free spins depends on the number of Scatters, so if the player makes a combination of 3, 4 or 5 Scatters, they will get 5, 8 or 12 free spins. Also, the reel height increases to 7, 8 or 9 rows, individually.

What’s more, the player will once again have the opportunity to trigger the King Cat feature, but with some extra upgrades such as:

  • CATeriffic Re-Shuffle – the player can receive up to 10 shuffled symbols.
  • CATcellent Removal – the player can eliminate up to 5 types of lower paying symbols.
  • CATilicious Respin – the player can receive up to 8 added multiplier positions, which are locked before respinning.

Xpress (Bonus Buy) – in order to trigger this feature, the player should want to get to the some features immediately. After it starts, they can select one of these options:

  • 1.25x Active (Ante Bet) – player’s chances of triggering Free Spins are doubled;
  • 7.5x Active (Feature Guaranteed) – the King Cat is triggered on each spin;
  • 75x (Bonus Buy) – player can trigger Free Spins feature with 5 free spins and 16807 winning ways;
  • 200x (Bonus Buy Plus) – the player triggers the Free Spins feature with 8 free spins and 32768 winning ways;
  • 500x (Bonus Buy Premium) – the player triggers the Free Spins feature with 12 free spins and 59049 winning ways;
  • 1000x (Bonus Buy MAX) – the player triggers the Free Spins feature with 15 free spins, 59049 winning ways and the King Cat feature is triggered on each spin.

Commenting on the launch, Nicola Longmuir, CEO of AvatarUX, said: “Kitty POPpins™ sees us take a distinctly feline flavor with our newest release, and we’re incredibly pleased with it. Incorporating one of our most popular mechanics, Multipop™, as well as a plethora of features, we’re confident it will be a huge hit with our fans.”