According to Federal prosecutors, more than $10 million was put into slot machines at a casino in Oklahoma by an individual they say is at the center of a large-scale southwest Missouri drug ring.

Last month, 54-year-old Patrick Brigaudin of Springfield was arrested along with three other men for conspiring to distribute large amounts of drugs. According to court documents, on February 29 large quantities of methamphetamine heroin were found in his garage by agents.

In a move by the government to keep Brigaudin confined without bond until his trial, prosecutors told the court that his arrest was the culmination of an investigation that spanned almost two-and-half years and that netted authorities more than 50 pounds of meth, all which could be attributed to the 54-year-old, as reported by the Springfield News-Leader. Court documents state that it was determined by investigators that in southwest Missouri, Brigaudin was a “large-scale methamphetamine distributor.” Prosecutors said in the motion that he had recently traveled abroad and he had access to “enormous sums of money.”

The Downstream Casino Resort in Quapaw, Oklahoma, owned and operated by the Quapaw Tribe, provided data that showed between January 2009 and April 2015 Brigaudin put close to $10.1 million into slot machines and withdrew slightly more than $8.4 million from them, prosecutors said. They wrote that the amount of evidence against him and substantial sentence he faces provide the defendant with a strong incentive to flee if released on bond.

On February 29, after federal agents saw a Dodge truck being driven into his garage from surveillance that had been set up outside Brigaudin’s house by federal agents, he and three other men were taken into custody. The property was quickly raided by authorities who had obtained a search warrant a few days earlier. According to the complaint, in a hidden compartment under the bed of the vehicle agents found six-and-a-half pounds of heroin and 12 pounds of meth.

Three other men at the scene, including 54-year-old Timothy Hall, 41-year-old Adrian Ortiz-Corrales, and 51-year-old Eduardo Diaz were charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs. Brigaudin, along with the other three defendants are being held without bond.