Construction on a new part of the Galaxy Macau resort, expected to open later in 2015, experienced a setback Thursday as thousands of construction workers were evacuated from the 36-story building. It’s believed that welders may have sparked the blaze which didn’t require any evacuation of customers from open and operating parts of the casino complex.

The exterior wall and roof of the building were damaged in the fire which was under preliminary control some 10 minutes after fire services received the call. According to news reports nine trucks and 38 firefighters were on the scene within five minutes.

The fire did not spread to the interior of the building. The building is part of the casino’s phase II construction with an estimated price tag of HK$19 billion. There are no reports of injured workers and all 6,000 or so had returned to work within two hours of the fire being reported.

No delay in the opening of Galaxy Macau Phase II is expected due to the incident.