Over a week ago, the Seminole Tribe of Florida tried to get the state governor back on board with blackjack gaming, but the tribe has yet to garner a response. Governor Rick Scott has yet to state if he will be discussing blackjack and the tribal casinos, not touching on if he will be allowing the gaming option to continue at the Seminole casinos.

The tribe has now sent a letter to the governor, giving him a 30 day time frame to enter into a dispute resolution, as there is no deal currently on the table to continue with blackjack gaming as well as payments from the gambling given to the state. If the governor does not respond within this time frame, it is believed that the Seminole tribe will be taking legal action.

The discussion of blackjack should be something that the governor is interested in discussing as the game brings in over $200 million in payments by the Seminole tribe each and every year, due to the tribe’s exclusive rights to the game. The tribe owns the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa as well as the Immokalee property, the Seminole Casino Hotel.

Within 30 days, the representatives of the tribe as well as officials of the state must meet under the federal Indian gambling law. The tribe can then seek mediation in the matter or choose to sue within 60 days. In a previous agreement, the tribe has to break down the card tables within a 90 day time frame is a new agreement is not reached.

Gary Bitner a spokesman for the tribe stated that the Seminoles are waiting for a ‘substantive response’, besides the acknowledgement that the governor received the letter. The governor’s office has responded with a representative stating an update could not be provided as to if the governor will be meeting with tribal officials or when.