As part of the ELK Friends Series, the new Micro Knights online slot game is one that is action-packed, providing an intense story along with quality features. Watch as the dragon king Chalcedony orders his knights to be battle ready outside the kingdom walls to protect the realm from all types of threats. Three small but mighty knights are in charge of protecting the kingdom, Sir Count, Sir Charge and Sir Smash. Find these characters on the reels as you start out on the fun and immersive journey!

Details of Micro Knights:

When you load this new online release, you will find the reels are massive, with each of the small knights framed around the grid. This game provides cluster wins, so players will earn a prize when five or more connected symbols are found on the grid, either horizontally or vertically. Winning symbols are removed and other symbols can fall into place which can create even more wins.

Sir Charge and Sir Smash have important jobs to do in this game. For Sir Charge, he will randomly remove one row of symbols to the queue. Bonus and wild symbols will not be removed by the knight. The queue connects with symbols on the grid to help form winning combinations. Symbols of the same type will be grouped together.

For Sir Smash, he will increase each symbol counter at random in the queue one by one. This helps to bring about more winning combinations as well.

According to the developer

The Micro Knights slot game also includes a meter. Symbols in a winning cluster will fill the meter. When the meter is full, it will provide a feature flag. There are six feature flags in the game, each offering a unique aspect to the grid.

The Inferno flag will remove all low-value symbols while the Charge flag will move the 2nd to 5th rows of symbols into the queue. The Extra Wilds flag will put 3 to 15 wilds on the grid while the Epic Charge flag will move all symbols into the queue. The Super Size flag will drop a big symbol at random in the game and the Boosted Queue will use all symbols in the queue to create winning clusters on the grid.

On top of all that, there is a bonus game. Three or more bonus scatter symbols will trigger a free drops bonus game where five drops are offered!

Joining Hit It Hard:

The new slot game is launched about a month after Elk released Hit It Hard, a 3-reel slot featuring a 1990s theme. This title includes neon coloring along with a bonus game that includes multiplying wilds.

Both these new releases are great examples as to what Elk Studios can offer, from quality graphics and animations to innovative features. Give both games a try today to see all that the studio can provide.