Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals now have an affordable way to get to the MLB games, thanks to the Casino Queen. The local casino gaming venue is offering fans free parking at their venue, with the option to take a free shuttle service to arrive at the ballpark. The casino is hoping to help fans save money as well as see more traffic during the current MLB season.

Fans would normally have to pay a high price to be able to park near the stadium to be able to see the Redbirds hit the field, but these headaches can be avoided by taking advantage of the free shuttle service offered by the Casino Queen, of Illinois. A designated spot has been created at Ballpark Village, where the casino’s shuttle service will provide drop off and pick up.

The shuttle service starts 90 minutes before each home game and will continue until one hour after the game has finished up. The shuttle service will pick up sports fans every 15 minutes outside the entrance of the casino and then drop the individuals off at Ballpark Village which is located next to Busch Stadium. Fans of the team who are 21 years of age or older are encouraged to visit the casino as well and enjoy the many entertainment options including casino gaming and dining.

President and CEO of the Casino Queen, Jeff Watson, stated that the free shuttle service offered by the Casino Queen will be a time and money saver for fans of the Cardinals. Anyone without tickets to the game are encouraged to visit the Sevens Sports Lounge where the game will be displayed along with dining options, including game-day specials.