According to a report on, Gala Casino has ambitious plans to create the first ever casino made of ice, after gaining support from the Institute of Polar Science. Gala’s plans were researched by Professor Ross Bight of the Institute of Polar Science who found that players are more focused and composed when colder temperatures exist.

Bight specializes in the study of human and animal behavior of the Arctic and his study proved that by forcing the mind to concentrate in colder conditions, the brain is able to move into a survival mentality. The instinct then provides the player with the opportunity to be more productive, as opposed to the results from the same activity in a warmer climate where the player will be more relaxed.

To conduct the study, Bight took advantage of tanks located at IPS which allowed for climate control. The professor measured the difference in his subjects when the temperature was brought down and raised. Each participant in the study was connected to a heart monitor so any decrease or increase in readings could be detected.

When showing the results of his findings to Gala, Professor Bight stated: “We monitored the performance of the players and found significant differences when the temperature reached the lowest point. Players were concentrating more, making more calculated decisions and ultimately racking up significant winnings, compared to the games conducted in warmer temperatures.”

Additional studies have been conducted to learn how to create such a facility in harsh conditions. Architects involved in the project have been able to find ways to ensure the productivity will work well to create the Gala Ice Casino.

During the work day, employees of the casino will be outfitted with a heat sensor. This sensor will feed data to management with body temperature readings. If the body temperature of an employee goes below a certain degree point, the worker will then be asked to come to a cabin located on-site which will be used to bring body temperature back up. Additional layers of clothing can also be added to ensure a warm body.

Also to be used on-site will be liquid nitrogen which will seal any cracks that may occur in the ice structure. The nitrogen will be binding with a percentage of rubbery for stability. Flora Lopis is the Planning Director for the Gala Casino, and commenting on the project stated:

“A Gala Ice Casino makes perfect business sense. Players who perform better will keep returning. They can arrive in style by Skis, sled or snowmobile James Bond style, no other casino offers this unforgettable experience. Plus each year as the building melts, we’re not left with any high running costs to cover.”

The Gala Coral Group operates an online casino, 137 bingo clubs in the UK, and about 1800 betting shops. Perhaps their new casino idea would resemble the Harbin Ice Festival of China, pictured above.