Bet Regret is the Safer Gambling Campaign of GambleAware, helping players to wager responsibly. The ad campaign is back in action, as the new football season begins. Sports fans will see and hear the campaign on television, radio, and digital outlets. Football stadiums will feature advertisements inside and out for full coverage.

Bet in Moderation

As football begins, Bet Regret reminds fans that betting should be done in moderation. Impulsive bets should be avoided. With the campaign, GambleAware is reminding younger male sports bettors in the 18- to the 34-year-old range that they should tap out before wagering, essentially avoiding Bet Regret.

So far, the campaign has helped create high levels of awareness among bettors. Recognition averages around 60% among the broad target audience. The highest risk sector has 75% awareness. A total of 38% of bettors reported they try to tap out of their app before placing a wager. Around one in five say they use the tapping out measure to cut down on wagering.

GambleAware Chief Executive, Zoë Osmond said that the group must do all it can as the football season begins to encourage fans to pause and consider before wagering. Osmond says the biggest challenge is to translate awareness and intentions into actions. This is why there are continual nudges from campaigns like Bet Regret. Osmond stated:

“So far, we have seen promising results from the campaign to date, with more people recognizing and using ‘tapping out’ as a technique to moderate their betting.”

Bet Regret will run from now through September 19, appearing on television, radio, and digital platforms, as well as at stadiums.

Online Gaming Deposit Limit Information

Just a few weeks ago, GambleAware highlighted research involving deposit limit tools for the iGaming industry. Research from The Behavioural Insights Team was published, showing that the deposit limit tools for sports betting and online casino games are not on the same level as innovations in other areas of product development.

Fewer customers are accessing the tools and setting a deposit limit. According to the research, the government should challenge gambling firms to see growth in the use of these tools. Terms that are less restrictive should be used instead of ‘safety net’ so that deposit limits are redefined and do not sound restrictive to players.

GambleAware continually has the consumer in mind and works hard to ensure that players have access to resources, including information and tools to make smart decisions when placing wagers. The research report, as well as the Bet Regret campaign, are prime examples of how the group works to benefit the player.