The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has decided to suspend the bingo and online casino licensing held by Nektan. The Gibraltar-based business is currently under investigation and will not be able to offer services during the process.

Why the Suspension?

So, what did Nektan do to see its online bingo and casino operations in the United Kingdom suspended? According to the UKGC, a review is currently ongoing involving section 116 of the gambling law in the country. It appears as though the company violated the conditions of its licensing.

The Commission is reporting that they suspect the operator is unsuitable to carry on activities based on licensing requirements and the company has not provided services based on the objectives set forth for license holders.

Due to the suspicions by the Commission, Nektan’s licensing was suspended immediately and will remain as such until the review is concluded or if the Commission feels it can operate in compliance with the law.

Beginning April 27, Nektan is now unable to offer online casino and bingo services via its websites listed within the public register of the Commission. The UKGC stated that they made it clear to Nektan that it must communicate with customers and let them know that the suspension does not mean that winnings will not be paid out.

From here on out, the UKGC will remain tight-lipped on the matter while the investigation is ongoing. It may be some time before we hear exactly what caused the temporary suspension and perhaps may see the operator fined or lose its license completely depending on the findings of the investigation.

Land-Based Casinos Fined

Last month, the UKGC reported that five land-based casinos were fined due to failure to uphold social responsibility protocols as well as anti-money laundering regulations. Over $1.84 million in fines were issued to the company.

The fines stem from a review going back to October 2019. Companies reviewed include Double Diamond Gaming Limited, A&S Leisure Group, Clockfair Limited, Les Croupiers Casino Limited, and Shaftesbury Casino Limited.

Each of these operators were found to be in violation of a provision of the regulation code connected to anti-money laundering risk assessments.  Major issues were found among the operators including not interacting with customers who had lost large amounts of money as well as not seeking proof of funds for players who were depositing in the millions.

These are just a few examples of how the UKGC handles compliance issues. The regulator is serious about player safety and regulating the industry in the best way possible. The Commission will do what it has to so that every operator continues to follow the rules and makes decisions that are in the best interest of the country and the consumers.