The 2017 legislative session will end in Alabama in May and by that time, recommendations could be made in regards to what should happen to gambling law in the state. Alabama Finance Department Director and Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming Chairman Clinton Carter stated on Thursday during a council meeting that the recommendation could be ready within two to three months.

During the meeting on Thursday, the council gathered for the sixth time since it was formed back in October by Governor Robert Bentley to discuss gaming. The council was created to provide recommendations to the governor as well as legislature in the state on gambling laws of Alabama in response to the reopening of VictoryLand casino in September.

The council was originally set to provide a recommendation by the end of this month but the council memebers ended up asking for an extension to review the issue of gambling. According to Carter, the recommendations will most likely include several options as well as best practices used around the nation. This could include such suggestions as establishing a lottery, fully legalizing gambling or other options. Carter has stated that specific recommendations will most likely not be made by the council, but options provided.