Gaming can commence in Macau, as the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau gave its blessing on Tuesday. Casino properties are now allowed to resume full operations. The update comes as the region enters a stabilization period of seven days where industrial and commercial operations can function as normal.

Casinos were asked to close on July 11 and remain closed through July 22 due to ongoing COVID-19 issues. After the 22nd, the venues were only allowed to reopen with limitations. Only 50% or less of staff members remained on duty.

Strengthened Measures for Inspection and Prevention

The DICJ announced on Tuesday that epidemic prevention inspections in Macau will be strengthened along with coordination with gaming companies to make sure that prevention measures are in place. The measures need to be up to date with the latest prevention guidelines.

The DICJ pointed out that concessionaries must implement preventive measures, including cleaning and disinfection of the casinos. The restoration of the casino’s scale of operations needs to be completed on a gradual basis.

Visitors must adhere to the casinos’ epidemic prevention measures, including undergoing temperature testing. Everyone must work together to ensure that future outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic will be minimal in the future. The end goal is to see Macau restored to its former operation level in an orderly fashion.

Even though the rules will be relaxed, and casinos open for full-service gaming, an increase in visitation levels is not expected at the moment. Analysts agree that customers are more likely to return in October upon the Golden Week holiday.

COVID-19 Concerns

Since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, Macau has been concerned about how it would handle a pandemic outbreak. In the beginning, the region cut off contact with the outside world, and this helped to cut down on the impact of the virus in general. However, it caused casinos to go without visitors for quite some time.

Fast forward to 2022, and the SAR was impacted by an outbreak that started with a handful of people and ended up reaching higher numbers rather quickly. Officials shut down the region and ended up closing casinos for eleven days in July to try and slow the spread.

The lockdown was instituted after several locals tested positive for coronavirus. The reopening process only began a few days ago and sees casinos only allowed to offer services if they abide by strict pandemic-related measures, including social distancing and mask-wearing.