On May 13th 2015, according to the city’s Financial Service Bureau, the surplus for the government of Macau has gone down by 54.8% to MOP20.9 billion for year on year in the last four months to April 30th.

In the first four months of the year, the numbers show a 33.6 percent reduction in government income to MOP37.9 billion. The total revenue for the government for the period was from direct taxes from gaming as it took in 83.4%.

On casino Gross Gaming Revenue, the government charges a unique gaming tax at 35 percent. There is also an indirect tax that is collected, which is about 4% for promotional and social purposes. In addition, each game, liver dealer table, and the VIP rooms carry a levy.

According to the government data, the casino gross gaming revenue for the city fell year on year for the 11th month in a row.

The government collected in direct taxes MOP31.6 billion in total from gaming during the first four months of 2015. This then shows a decrease of 34.7 percent from the previous year.