yStats.com, a market research firm of Germany, recently released information from a study conducted on global online gambling. The study found that on a global scale, online gambling is expected to maintain a one-digit growth rate for the next four years and then reach medium to high numbers in the double digits in the billions in Euro currency.

yStats.com found that the growth of the industry was greatly driven by mobile use, as well as the recent trend in acquisitions of gaming brands and companies. Many gaming sites reported an increase in shares of total revenues based on mobile and gambling search terms which continue to come from mobile phones and tablet devices.

In the report, it was found that the many acquisition deals that have taken place over a two year time frame has also impacted the global market. This includes the acquisition of The Rational Group, the parent company of Full Tilt and PokerStars, by Amaya Gaming Group of Canada.

It is believed that the industry will continue to grow as additional countries such as The Netherlands create new regulations for online gambling to try and create new tax revenues. Sports betting proved to be the largest provider of online gambling revenues especially in 2014 in such areas as Spain, the UK and France.