Laxmikant Parsekar, the Goa Chief Minister, has decided that he will not make a decision about whether the sixth offshore casino in the country will be renewed. Parsekar will be leaving the decision up to the new government.

There is support for the license to be renewed, but Parsekar would rather leave the decision making up to the new government, according to a report by the Times of India. Parsekar stated that the new government can make the decision after it is formed on March 11th.

It has been some time since a decision has needed to be made on the licensing renewal of the sixth offshore casino, owned by Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited. Back in January, the casino owner filed a petition within the Bombay high court, stating that the government of Goa had failed to make a licensing renewal decision, despite the fact that the casino had still paid their annual recurring fees of $6.5 million each year for the past five years.

In the filing, Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited claimed that officials of Goa had not authorized their change-of-use petition for their selected vessel as well as given them mooring permissions. The court reportedly gave the government four weeks to make the decision on licensing. Golden Globe Hotels earlier operated the Casino Mint vessel.

According to Parsekar, the government did collect the renewal license fee and dues but that does not bind the state government to providing licensing renewal.