The government of Goa is currently creating rules that will be issued to the Gaming Commission to help set up the casino industry regulations. One rule in the works would see locals banned from casinos, according to apblive of India.

Speaking to PTI, Sanjiv Gadkar, the Additional Secretary (Home), stated that the rules have been framed and the file is ready to move to the state Chief Secretary and then move on to the Chief Minister. The rules will be notified within a 20 day time frame. After the notifying process, the Gaming Commission will then be set with regulatory clauses.

Once the rules are in place, only non-residents will be able to enter the facilities. If a Goan does want to enter a casino, Gadkar stated they would have to have permission given by the Gaming Commissioner. Currently, there are four casinos located offshore in Goa and 14 located on land.

The government of the state will be appointing a Gaming Commissioner, an individual who will have the authority to regulate casino gaming in Goa. The Commissioner will also be notifying the offshore casinos where they will have the ability to be moored.