As the gambling landscape continues to evolve in the United States, Google has decided to change advertising polices regarding online casino advertising in the region. The company has plans to remove the advertising ban by the first quarter of 2020 as the company looks ahead to taking advantage of the growing gambling industry in the nation.

Policy Changes:

Despite online gambling being legalized in 2013 within New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, Google maintained a ban regarding online casino advertisements. The online casino advertisement ban has existed for years until last year, when the brand decided to make slight changes.

In May 2018, when the US Supreme Court ruled to allow individual states to legalize sports betting, Google soon decided to change their policy on sports betting advertisements. By October of this year, the brand then decided to make changes to their gambling and games policy.

According to…

The brand will now allow sports betting advertisements to take place in Indiana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Montana. Previously, the ban in West Virginia, New Jersey and Nevada was removed. Aside from states in the US, Google also announced changes to online gambling ad restrictions, allowing Colombia, Kenya and Nigeria to offer ads.

New Jersey Change:

Google decided to allow online sports betting ads in New Jersey back in June. Gaming operators with licensing in New Jersey can now apply for Google AdWords. According to an interview by Chris Harrison, the Google Industry Head of Financial Trading and Egaming, everyone who has a license in the state and are operating applied.

Back in April, Mr. Harrison stated in an interview that Google is not looking to become a gambling company, but will maintain their role as a technology and advertising partner.