As new gaming laws are to be passed in 2017, the government of Cambodia is working to impose tighter restrictions on the casinos located in the country. To do this, there will be two new Interior Ministry departments created in efforts to fight money laundering as well as other crimes that take place within the gambling venues.

It was reported by the Cambodia Daily that on November 27th, Prime Minister Hun Sen signed a decree that would see the two new departments created under the central security department of the National Police. With the new departments in place, casinos will be subject to an anti-commercial gambling department which will cover the research, investigation and suppression of money laundering offenses that take place in relation to gambling at casinos as well as entertainment clubs. The departments will also work to keep targeted people who are forbidden from gambling from setting foot inside Cambodian casinos.

Supposedly, the government of Cambodia is almost done with the new gaming legislation for the country which will bring about higher taxes, more financial oversight as well as possibly creating a centralized online gambling payment process via government-managed servers. The last time the government officially counted casinos that are licensed to operate, the number came to 65. Most of these venues are located in border towns to cater to individuals living in Thailand and Vietnam.