As if Microgaming leaving the United States wasn’t enough of a storm to weather as a casino affiliate, there is now another growing upheaval in the gambling affiliate world that is causing a big stink.  This time it’s the Grand Prive Casino group which has announced the closure of their affiliate program on Dec. 1 – but interestingly enough, left the casinos open.   In addition they now operate a new affiliate program with the same people.  What does this mean?  In effect it means they stole the money of their loyal marketers.  The affiliates that promoted these casinos for so long are getting robbed. Even Casino Meister has put this group in the “pit” – which is a list of all the blacklisted casinos from the popular online casino watchdog group.

Now, if I was going to place my money in an online casino, I’d pick one that doesn’t rob from people.  Even the Online Players Union has now banned this group.  The complete list of online casinos managed by that group is here, with warning attached!!  Although we have never promoted these casinos on the World Casino Directory or the Online Casino Directory, we are posting this list in solidarity with the industry that birthed this website.  Please help us out and….

Stay away from these casinos!!
  This is the complete Grand Prive List.  (clicking the names will take you to other black listed casino pages)

Bella Vegas
Casino Grand Bay

Fortune Junction Casino
Grand Bay Poker
Jackpot Wheel Casino
Jupiter Club Casino
Lake Palace Casino
Road House Reels Casino

Villa Fortuna now blacklisted! more affiliates have started blacklisting Villa Fortuna now, because low and behold, this is the SAME group now operating a NEW affiliate program for their NEW casino.  Wow!  Look at the nerve of these folks.  Close down the affiliate end of their marketing, screw all their partners, open a new casino, and do it again.  Well folks this is not a professional organization, just outright theft.  Be sure not to support these casinos or groups.

– Bernard
Editor, World Gaming Alliance

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