Casinos operating in Chile have seen a dip in gross gaming revenues, with the Chilean Gaming Control Board reporting February brought in only $39,887m via the seven municipal casinos of the country. This was a decrease of 4.3% when compared to February of 2015.

Despite the dip when looking at year-on-year totals, Chile casinos actually saw a cumulative growth rate of .4% when looking at the totals from the last twelve months. The gross gaming revenues came in at $23,858m which created 59.8% of the total, which is a -2.9% figure when comparing the same month last year, but a growth of over .3% was reached within the past twelve months, for the casinos under the supervision of the SJC.

The seven municipal casinos of Chile saw gross gaming revenue of $16,030m which made up just over 40% of the overall total. This was -2.6% than the February totals but showed an accumulative growth of 4.3% within the last twelve months.

For the month of February, visitors to non-municipal gaming venues saw a decrease as well at 4.3%. 450,749 individuals visited the casinos which is less than what was done in the same month for 2016. When looking at 12 month totals, this number is just .4% less. Visitors spend just over $52,000 pesos on average for the month which is about 1.6% less than what was spent in February 2016.

Visitors to municipal casinos came in at just over 407,000, not including the Puerto Varas casino as it does not record visitor info.  Information on how much was spent at these casinos is not available at this time.

For February, the 9,765 gaming machines operating in Chile via non-municipal venues saw $319,166m gambled with prizes paid to players totaling just over $299,000m. This equals a gross win of $19,443m. When looking at gross gaming income of casinos, both municipal and non-municipal together, the Casino de Vina del Mar was able to earn first place with $6,152m which is 15.4% of the overall totals.