French casino operator Groupe Partouche has reportedly heralded the opening last month of the world’s first drive-through casino service for its Casino Grande-Motte facility in the south of the nation.

According to a report from G3Newswire, the Paris-headquartered firm is responsible for some 40 casinos spread across the whole of France including the 3.14 Casino in Cannes as well as the ‘outdoor’ Casino de La Ciotat just east of Marseille. The source detailed that the operator’s new Pasino Drive enterprise premiered from the first day of May after having had its initial January debut delayed by restrictions associated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Exclusive entertainment:

Groupe Partouche reportedly explained that the new drive-through attraction for the seaside resort town of La Grande-Motte boasts seven tents that offer gambling aficionados the chance to enjoy a selection of 31 slots as well as 18 electronic roulette machines via contactless boxes able to accommodate a maximum of five players. The operator is purportedly marketing the Pasino Drive venue, which is accessible to those utilizing a car or a motorcycle, as a ‘unique concept in its genre and a world first’ and extensively disinfects all of its games following every visit.

Initial improvement:

Fabrice Paire serves as the Chairman for Groupe Partouche and he reportedly pronounced that his company has already altered its Pasino Drive enterprise to better serve players via the addition of an English electronic roulette machine to every one of the seven stations. He purportedly went on to declare that the service has been enthusiastically welcomed by aficionados from all around the south a France with its games ‘working very well’ to leave him ‘very satisfied in terms of perception and valuation for customers.’

Supplementary services:

Established in 1973, Groupe Partouche reportedly asserted that it has plans to begin introducing the innovative Pasino Drive concept to some of its other land-based casinos from next year although it still needs time to analyse the full results from the Casino Grande-Motte venture. Paire purportedly proclaimed that any coming drive-through enterprises are likely to be located only alongside those gambling facilities with parking lots large enough to host such an attraction without inconveniencing existing operations.

Reportedly read a statement from Paire…

“This will be a Groupe Partouche exclusive and we fully intend to develop it in other establishments. It is an original concept that we have filed and protected. Next year it is something we have set our sights set on.”