The case started in April 2013, when the US Department of Justice indicted 34 people including Luke King, former CEO of Legends Sports. King has now been found guilty on the charges of illegal gambling. The US Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma charged King and others for telephone and online wagers that they took from US residents through the Legends Sports sportsbook. The sportsbook held legal licenses for Panama and Costa Rica. After the indictment Panama authorities revoked the license. Customers were transferred to another site called WagerWeb.

King was released in August 2013 on $1 million bail. Trying to fight the charges the trial did not start until the last two weeks in April 2015. The court proceedings occurred at the Oklahoma City Federal Court. Thursday April 30, 2015, the court found King guilty of illegal gambling and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The sentencing date has not been set.

The US Attorney stated Legends Sportsbook has handled $1 billion in US resident wagers for the 10 years in operation. The site used local agents to create the cash transactions. The funds from the site King obtained were used to buy two mansions, one in Texas and another in Florida. These investments will most likely be forfeited as part of the legal proceedings.

Three other indictments and cases have been determined. They include Philip Gurlan, Michelle Lasso, and Craig Hayner who were all involved with Legends Sports.