Habanero, a top-rated online slots and table games provider, has announced a new patent pending jackpot system is in the works. Jackpot Race is the latest creation of Habanero, offering players a shared jackpot system among a pool of winners. Races can be hosted which will see a jackpot accumulate value and the jackpot must be triggered before the set time limit ends. The innovative product is sure to provide an added element to online gameplay!

Jackpot Race:

The new jackpot system will grow in value as players take part during the race time frame. The jackpot can only be won during the time frame allowed. When the payout is triggered, players who are active will be given winnings based on the receive bet placed on the server. A configurable prize pool provides set payout amounts.

According to a recent press release…

Head of Corporate Communications for Habanero Toni Karapetrov commented: “We are delighted to release Jackpot Race. We call it the Jackpot Race because it is both competitive by design, and because many players can win simultaneously on a split share of the pay-out.

“The offering includes assistance with customized promotional content, as well as all the built-in feedback and dialogues within the game which will serve to keep excitement high.

“And, of course, it gives operators the opportunity to fully customize their very own Jackpot Race. We are sure players and operators alike are going to be delighted by this exciting addition to our portfolio.”


Habanero has created Jackpot Race as a fully customizable product. Operators can set the product based on their needs as well as their player demographic. The number of slots offered in the race along with the duration of the jackpot accumulation as well as schedule of the race can all be determined by the provider. Even the prize pool allocation and the minimum bet to qualify can be set by the operator.

New Content:

Along with the new Jackpot Race, Habanero has been busy with new gaming content. The developer just announced the creation of Hot Hot Fruit, a classic fruit-themed online slot game with modern twist. The new game has 15 paylines and a nice return to player percentage of 98.05%.