December 1st is the day when Bell Gardens will see the final result from the three-year project of upgrading the iconic Bicycle Casino. The establishment has been rebranded as Bicycle Hotel & Casino and will feature a brand new seven-story luxury hotel whose construction cost $50 million.

The person that is probably the most excited to unveil the upgraded Bicycle Hotel & Casino is Hashem Minaiy, the casino’s CEO. Minaiy said in a statement that he wanted to do the project for 12 years and thus called tomorrow’s event a dream coming true. He explained how three years ago all partners started taking the idea seriously and were convinced that such a project could turn the casino into an attractive destination in Los Angeles. Minaiy pointed out that from the moment the first shovel was put in the ground he started feeling like a different man. “I feel like I won the Lottery,” he said.

Bicycle’s CEO is very passionate about this new project and gladly went on explaining how the hotel was not only important to him, but also to the whole Bell Gardens community. He said that one of his hopes is to see Bicycle Hotel & Casino becoming top destination for card players as well as for other travellers. “This is a hotel for everyone,” Minaiy highlighted. “Even if you aren’t a card player, there are plenty of other reasons to stay here and come back.”

The new hotel is 117,907 square-feet and includes 99 rooms, innovative Bike Brewery, elevated outdoor pool and full spa. A total of 29 luxury suites are available to visitors and one of those is the signature 904 square-feet Bike Suite. The property also has a private meeting space, gift shop, coffee house and a 185-table gaming floor.