Back in February of 2013, Jian Tu, also known as Tu Jian, visited the Marina Bay Sands and opted for a credit line of S$9.94m. The Las Vegas Sands property is still waiting on payment as Tu has not been willing to honor the marker. The Marina Bay Sands received a default judgement against the gambler in 2014 and now a court has rejected the gamblers attempt at avoiding his casino debt.

The Marina Bay Sands does not wait to collect from VIP players and tracked Tu to the area of Markham which is located near Toronto, Canada. The casino then filed a claim in Canada to try and seize assets of the gambler. They also tried to serve judgement on the matter from summer of last year to January of 2015.

Once Tu realized he was running out of options, he filed a motion to dismiss the proceedings in Canada. Tu based the reason for seeking dismissal on the fact that the agreement with the casino stipulated that any dispute of the monies would be handled in Singapore. His wife also submitted a claim that her husband did not receive any of the attempts by the casino to serve him with papers since he travels.

Tu would be stopped in his tracks after Sean Dunphy, the Ontario Superior Court Justice, thwarted his attempt at getting out of the debt. Dunphy stated that the court was not a sandbox playground where there are do-overs that can be expected on demand. The judge also rejected the claim that Tu was unaware of the claims pursued by the casino.

The judge also ruled that Tu had no serious defense in the matter, based on the merits at hand and the only justification of moving the case to the Singapore courts would be to delay the payment to be made by Tu in which he owes the Marina Bay Sands.