PRNewswire – There is evidence suggesting that gambling may have been one of man’s earliest forms of entertainment. There are cave drawings showing groups of men playing games and gambling is also mentioned in the.

The actual origins of gambling are said to have come from activities that promised to predict the future. Men would throw animal bones or sticks and use the position in which they fell to predict the intentions of the gods. This activity then grew to men placing bets on the outcome of the throw and gambling was born.

The ancient Greeks are known to have been enthusiastic gamblers with dice games and checkers being popular pastimes. The Romans were also frequent gamblers and introduced the idea of betting on fights.

There are also references to gambling games in Buddhism and Judaism. Even China adopted gambling as a pastime and they can be credited in introducing the world to the game that inspired the lottery. Keno, which was originally known as the white pigeon ticket game and dates back over 2000 years.

Poker appears to have the most complex origin with several civilizations known to have played a similar game. The Chinese are believed to have been the first to invent cards and Emperor Mu-Tsung played domino cards with his wife in 969AD

It may have started as cavemen betting on sticks or bones but it has now grown to be a worldwide pastime offering different forms of fun and excitement.

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