Could a casino be coming to Bermuda earlier than expected? This week, it was announced that Hotelco has sent in a casino application to the Bermuda Gaming Commission, seeking permission for a full license. The company is the owner of the St. Regis hotel development. With a license, the operator could offer gaming during the summer at the height of travel.

Will Approval Be Given?

Hotelco would like to create a casino with 5,500 square feet of space. Players would have access to a nice selection of gambling options, including private tables within a salon privé. The project seems to have the support of Premier David Burt, but is there enough support to push the project through?

According to reports, Premier Burt revealed that the Commission hosted a meeting at the end of August and the license for the casino was considered. He hopes to see a casino open in Bermuda before the year ends.

Even though the plan has support, it is unclear as to if or when a final decision will be made by the commission. While there is no definitive details, Burt remains optimistic that the casino will be approved and will launch in Bermuda.

Historic Location

The St. Regis is a lovely Marriott International luxury brand property that is located in historic St. George. It is situated on the UNESCO World Heritage site and offers amazing water views and a comfortable setting.

Vice President and Global Brand Leader for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, George Fleck, stated that for a long time, Bermuda has been considered an exclusive vacation spot for travelers and it made the area an ideal location for the resort.

Like the island, the St. Regis is also steeped in history, with Fleck pointing out its storied past. The founding family of the brand is the Astors, who spent a lot of time in Bermuda over a century ago. Now, the family’s brand offers a lovely resort for travelers to Bermuda, providing 120 elegant rooms. This includes 21 suites and residential development.

Casino gaming is coming to Bermuda after lawmakers decided to approve the Bermuda Casino Bill. This created the Casino Gaming Commission and allows for up to four venues to obtain licensing. Early on, St. Regis was pegged as a spot for gaming.

The Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club reportedly have plans to create a large casino on-site in the future, with Century Casinos Incorporated at the helm.