Global slot machine manufacturers and recent U.S. lottery ticket suppliers IGT Global Solutions, announced yesterday that they will be investing $15 million in an expansion project for their ticket press facility in Florida. The expansion project is to create room for a new ultramodern servo-controlled TRESU ticket press that will hopefully increase the company’s pressing capacity by up to 30%, according to the announcement, and will help them with their 13 year supply deal they’ve recently signed with the Florida lottery.

The new printing press will be arriving at the facility at the beginning of 2018, where it will be used along IGT’s current Gallus press, which likewise incorporates flexography technology, only the TRASU will sport the latest achievements in flexography. The new press will be housed in a 45,000 square feet space that IGT plans to add to their facility in Florida along with additional room for secure offices, product storage, production, and a new receiving and shipping facility.

Adding a second press to their Lakeland printing facility will not only increase IGT’s production capacity to meet the lottery industry’s demands, but will also, over time, create around 60 job spaces in the area to support the growth their expansion project is expected to bring, the announcement states.

Michael Chambrello, CEO of IGT, North America Lottery, commented on the expansion by saying that the new printing press is basically a commitment to their users who have grown to expect top-quality tickets and creative games from the company. He also added that IGT was truly proud of the growth their instant ticket business has achieved during the past few years and helped them expand and continue providing their customers with state-of-the-art technology and more products and solutions.