Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. and Imperial Pacific LLC, a subsidiary of the company, have filed a lawsuit against Bloomberg L.P. and two of the publications reporters. The news organization was named in the lawsuit as the first defendant with the second and third defendants being the organization’s reporters, Matthew Campbell and K. Oanh Ha.

According to, a writ of summons was issued to Bloomberg L.P., a business and market-news organization based in New York, from the High Court of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Court of First Instance. Imperial Pacific was asked to comment on the suit and stated they would defer comment on the on-going defamation lawsuit that was filed in Hong Kong ‘to the parties in that jurisdiction.’

Bloomberg has covered Imperial Pacific extensively via news articles, being critical of the company while construction took place in Saipan focusing on a casino-resort project. Back in March, the news organization reported that the operator had been raided by United States agents, a report that the Imperial Pacific company denied.

Imperial Pacific International reported in their most recent financial declaration within the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that they had spent as much as $650 million on the project in Saipan, by way of the design, materials for construction, labor and engineering.